The digital experts!

Design, document preparation, prepress and printing can be viewed as separate areas, yet they are all interconnected. Our graphics experts thoroughly understand this environment and ensure that every project we undertake is designed to maximize the creative abilities and efficiencies of the digital world.

Our prepress department recognizes and resolves potential file problems and performs digital prepress functions including trapping, step and repeat, and soft proofing.

Our digital colour proofing system provides our customers with the highest quality proofs, which accurately represent the final colour of the printed piece. Digital images are transmitted directly from a computer to a plate (CTP). This process replaces film (or negatives), stripping and shooting plates.

CTP technology is now the industry standard, as it both reduces costs and increases productivity. More importantly, CTP offers continual consistency and higher quality. Human error is virtually eliminated, with files transmitted digitally to the plate material.

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